About The Book

Does Your Relationship Need a Communication Makeover?

Createspace BannerListening. Understanding. Acknowledging.
Clarity. Validation. Forgiveness. Affirmation.

Couples today struggle unnecessarily with finger-pointing, nagging, and poor communication. Unfortunately, being heard and understood is a constant battle in most relationships. In order to take a relationship from this to bliss committed partners must be willing to make sacrifices and do something different to get the results they desire. A Conversation Piece helps women break the communication curse in their relationships by providing the greatest love lessons on verbal and nonverbal communication.

Love communication can be a tricky skill to master. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you know how to talk to them. But you can learn.

Whether he doesn’t talk enough or thinks you talk entirely too much, A Conversation Piece offers an honest and realistic approach to overcoming your toughest communication dilemmas. It guides you comfortably into discussing marriage, sex, and conflict with ease. Learn how to stay solution-focused as you share your truth, express your needs, and talk about what’s needed most to keep your relationship alive and well.

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